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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The warehouse management system is the best tool. In work, management helps increase warehouse efficiency and can support all types of warehouses such as raw material warehouse, spare part warehouse, cold storage warehouse, distribution center since the product is received check products, move products , check products, issue goods, location search record accurate information. 

Operation Features

  • Create receiving plans

  • Support receiving plan by purchase order

  • Able to partial receive

  • Document controls

  • Support Handy Terminal

  • Shelf Life, Expired date

  • Update stock to system

  • Auto generate tags

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  • Create transfer plans

  • Document control

  • Support Handy Terminal

  • Create picking plans

  • Support picking plan by sale order

  • No products, Able create picking plan

  • Document control

  • Support Handy Terminal

  • Picking auto lot by product condition (FIFO, LIFO and FEFO)

  • Able to pick a specific lot

  • Cut and update stock to system

  • Support multi warehouse

  • View information all warehouse

  • Manage locations at 3 levels (Warehouse, Zone, Location)

  • Product group

  • Secondary product code

  • Able to convert muti units

  • Set up picking defaults (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)

  • Image product

  • Create tag by item or Lot 

  • Goods inspection

  • Stock balance 

  • Adjust the product quantity

  • Edit tag information such as Location,  Expired date, Quantity

  • Tag printing

  • Able to use any kind of code symbol

  • Stock card report for support accountant


  • Multi language (TH, EN, JP)

  • User management system

  • Support partial goods receiving and shipping 

  • Auto to generate tag , and manage tag information

  • Support interface with external system

  • Purchase order and Sale order function

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