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Business Meeting

Scratch System Development

Our group has been involved in the development of systems and departmental systems for various periods from the beginning of the company's establishment, and has many achievements in building core systems for manufacturing and wholesale formats.

Businesses in companies and organizations have their own characteristics and characteristics, and differ depending on the organization and personnel that operate them. At our company, we investigate and analyze the actual situation of business in detail, and develop a "system closely related to the site " through active hearing and communication.

In addition, we will make proposals that are stable over the medium to long term and can be flexibly
expanded in response to changes in the business environment. we can propose total solutions including packaged software and hardware.


Implementation outline

01 AS-IS_edited.png


Organize work flow / features / issues by conducting business interviews and site confirmations individually

Asset 4_edited.png

Ideal / inertial frame after introduction (TO-BE)
Create current business flow and create new business flow based on issues

Asset 5_edited.png

Clarify the purpose / introduction effect and scope of implementation of the new system

03 CONCLUSION _edited.png

Presentation of deliverables

(AS-IS) Understanding the current situation

  • Business List

  • Business Flow

(TO-BE) Ideal Situation

  • Business List

  • Business Flow

**Consultation on system scratch development proposals or package proposals

System Line-Up

1.ERP System for Manufacturing Plants

With the ERP development system that we can propose, it is possible to bring about the following effects.

  • Management Perspective

-    Integration of company-wide knowledge
-    Improvement of inventory management information
-    Aggregate data required for business analysis in the same database

  • Business perspective

-    Standardization and efficiency improvement of business processes
-    Abolition of manual work and double input
-    Timely cooperation of business data

  • System/Operation

-    Standardization and efficiency improvement of business systems
-    Reduction of system operation cost
-    Flexible system expansion proposal utilizing our know-how


2. KANBAN System

-    Kanban is used to manage the delivery of raw materials used in the factory process between the distribution warehouse and the manufacturing process.
-    Trace management using HTT and labels.

3. QC Data Management System

-    A system for collecting quality control data used in the quality process of manufacturing plants.
-    A system that issues various forms such as comparison with standard values, shipping judgment, and report by centrally managing information that was previously managed by history using paper (Excel ).


-    Car Management System
-    Process Control System
-    ESD Shoes Tester System
-    Equipment Order Management System
-    Label Issue System
-    etc

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