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Construction Engineers

Work Instruction Management System

Users to create and dispense step-by-step instructions for business procedures, can offer a knowledge base for bullet point facts or information, work instructions solutions enable users to create itemized guides for distinct processes complete with tips, pictures, and even videos.


          Most of the Work Instruction (WI) is in paper format. Separated according to different products, models, as the factories can produce In some factories, there is a policy to change the process constantly (KAIZEN), causing the document to be canceled frequently, in some places to be consistent with the use. And to reduce the waste of human resources, time and media, we create solutions to support this change with WI Online software.

          WI Online allows you to publish workflow (WI) documents in real-time after the login has been updated. Operators can immediately select the work process documents (WI) they need to perform at the moment. By using a barcode scanner from KANBAN, tasks, production orders are assigned .

          WI online is a semi -finished system. There are both packages that can be used immediately. and customizable designs to perform specific tasks as you request. Modifications can be made from the concept of a completely new system. products Document update Support to use via Web Application, you can use it through Web Browser without worrying about OS Platform.

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