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E-Timeline Covid Tracking

E-Timeline system was developed. To help in the risk alert This is suitable for companies with a large number of employees. It makes it easier for HR or security to supervise employees. If an infected person is found, they can be alerted according to the level of risk immediately. This makes it possible to limit the extent of transmission of infection. Make employees more confident in their work



  • The device will be alert when getting too close to person (1-3 meters)

  • The system helps to trace back quickly when anyone has Covid by online platform

  • Accurately track timeline when anyone has COVID by E-Timline

  • E-Timline can track both how close the risk person and had been to a risky place



Tokens are designed to carry people. By putting it in a bag, hanging on the neck or wristband,


Token will exchange data via bluetooth, if people who close to the risk range and store the data on the token.


Token of the infected person will be collected by the responsible persion in the area to collect and read ther information of people who have been approached for the past 14 days.


By the consent of ther persion. The data of infected person can be uploaded by mobile application or gateway install at any location.

Token - Smart IOT Device

  • Use Low energy, the battery lasts for 15-30 days, can charge or replace batteries.

  • Exchange data via bluetooth when approaching

  • Notify when has the Covid risk orgetting too close to person

  • Use in everywhere such as workplaces, schools, malls, markets or public places.

  • Easy to work, transfer data by mobile app / gateway receiver

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