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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Software that connects various systems of the organization together, both accounting and finance systems that are part of the back office, human resources systems, production systems, as well as distribution systems with the ability to connect various systems that exists in this organization, thus making it convenient for all parties to work continuously and reducing the work process as well as helping the executives have accurate information in making business decisions as well

Product Package

Forma ERP.png

HighEnd Thai Local ERP with success reflection

Formula ERP.png

MiddleRange ERP with sign of professional


Accounting Package for SMEs



Package has Sales order (SO), Purchase Order (PO), Inventory control (IC), Account Payable (AP), Account
Receivable (AR), Fixed Assets (FA), General Ledger (GL), Check control (CQ).

1. Compliance with regulation     (Follow Thailand Taxation system and IFRS. Support Thailand commercial practice.)
2.Accounting Policy     (Realize the principles and the process in Accounting)
3.Comfortable Operation      (High Performance with Huge Database Support / User Friendly)
4.Easy input operation     (Patterning high use journal slip and easy to reuse)
5. Well-developed many outputs and highly efficient design     (Hundreds of document forms, about 30 of Tax documents. Easy to design and use)
6. Responsibility Accounting     (Flexible Organization with Accounting Processing)

7. Activity Based Costing     (Costing by each activity)
8. BOI, NON BOI support     (Can support BOI and NON‐BOI to manage profit and loss.* use section code)

9. Flexible accounting closing     (Journalize, making financial statement, comparative statement over the year, unlimited)
10. Real time update     (Real-time calculation cost and reflects financial statement after updating and correcting)
11. Traceability of voucher     (Confirmation documents by drill down function and history management voucher)
12. High efficiency Security     (Advanced user authentication and detailed authority management)

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