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The familiar excel formats can be transferred directly into digital form
Digital Field Report System

Easy understanding for i-Reporter.




Nothing changes transferring from on-site reports to digital forms..

The reports with a lot of expertise on-site can be transferred directly into digital forms, therefore the user can continue inputting the same forms in the same ways.
There is no difficult thing, easy to understand and input as anyone can operate.



Reduce difficulty and makes easier for inputting with various functions

i-Reporter has *various functions* to support inputting compatible with various situations.
*for example to set tolerance, number, input by master data, camera and voice etc...
The field workers can input easily without mistakes and omissions.



As seamless connection between the field and the system can be achieved, drastically reduces the time for registering in system and creating the report

Data can be acquired from existing master data to forms, and can also be output to Excel, CSV, and PDF files!


There are a lot of functions to achieve the paperless for the various cases on site


While making reports on-site, users can view documents such as drawings, manuals, and linking with work instructions at the same time.Also i-Reporter can take care for many cases, for example, customize menus for specialized the field works.


High level authority management and security measures for business uses


The management functions in i-Reporter are enhanced, such as approval management, role management, and micromanagement in each step, which are necessary in business scene. ipad authentication.


Various data can be collected more than with paper forms


The various information on site can be collected seamlessly.The data for time and *location of inputting can be obtained automatically.*Available for iPad and iPhone with GPSi-Reporter provides functions to input various information such as bar code reading, PLC information, biometrics, and by linkage with measuring instruments.

Flow chart until implementation

If you are planning to implement i-Reporter or even just interested in, please feel free to contact us.
We can provide information about i-Reporter and show the demonstration or having consultation in detail.
We strongly support customer through installation to operation.
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