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Warehouse Workers

Poka Yoke System

Poka Yoke is to prevent employees from making mistakes or doing things that are dangerous. That leads to losses (Waste) in the production process or work processes arising from accidents and errors. be able to pass through the next process


Reduce the process of checking the quality of manufactured goods.

ecause the production with the Poka Yoke system is already a quality check in itself.


Solve problems as soon as they encounter problems.

causing the parties to correct the correction which is easier to fix If an error is found in the next step


Prevent the wrong product from reaching the customer's hand.

This is something that affects customer satisfaction and increases the cost of sending items back.

Sample case 01

Checking goods before receiving and transferring to warehouse

Input the product information and the quantity received into the system.

Checking goods before delivery to customers

Input sales order into the system. Verify correct picking by scanning barcodes


Sample case 02

It is happening that the raw materials to be input to the machine are input by mistake.

In order to prevent mistakes,Confirm using the QR code whether the raw materials are selected according to the instructions.

  1. Scan the QR code on the QA card to confirm the material to be loaded 

  2. Scan the QR code affixed to the input material

  3. Save the log scanned in step 2 to the database

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