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Humano manages personal and organizational data with fast
performance & accuracy.
analysis and decision-making


Humano: A program to support human resource and organizational development includingHuman Resource Management (HRM) andHuman Resource Development (HRD), to align and direct a company towards its strategy and mission


First Group: Human Resource Management (HRM)consists of

Organization Structure Module, Manpower Module, Recruitment & Selection Module, Personnel Module, Time Attendance Module, Payroll Module, Welfare & Benefits Module, Human Intelligence Module and Maintenance & Security Module.

Second Group: Human Resource and Organization Development (HROD) consists of
Corporate Planning Module, Career Development Module, Human Development Module, Performance Appraisal Module, Employee Self Service Module and Management Self Service Module.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Organization Structure_2x.png

Organization Structure Module 

Able to set unlimited dimensions of an organization structure eg branch, section, department, project, and work group.It can set the detail of position eg position level, affiliations group, position's qualification, induction-deduction of position and competency.


Manpower Module

To support planning and managing
organization manpower to align with
strategies and goals of an organization. The system can also predict the demand of manpower to recruit and select a person who is qualified with position's qualifications.


Recruitment & Seletion Module

Able to search and allocate the qualifications of an applicant eg knowledge, skill, personality and experience, to meet the qualifications for the position as needed by linking with the manpower module.


Personnel Module

The module can to effectively and efficiently manage information about employees in their organization. Focuses on accuracy, speed and real-time. System provides facilities to record payment, work unit adjustment, rewarding, punishment, human development, appraisal information,

Time Attedance_2x.png

Time Attendance Module

To support automatic time tracking
related processes and enhances the
organization's performance by eliminating paperwork. Able to setup unlimited number of accruals to automatically track employee leave, overtime, work shift, complicated
diligence allowance, etc.


Payroll Module

To support the payment of compensation and benefits correctly according to


Welfare & Benefits Module

To support the flexible allocation of welfare match up with the needs and worthiness in investment of the organization.
conditions for justice and increasing morale.

Human intellegence_2x.png

Human Intelligence Module

The system can report the comparative data by showing the data that is easy to understand and analyze in types of pie, chart, bar chart. Can be designed to increase-decrease data in report by themselves as required.


Maintenance & Security Module

To support assigning user rights based
on the individual positions to prevent
Leakage of sensitive information such as salaries, job evaluation and benefits. It also covers the maintainable security of data for protection from unpredictable incidents such as fire, protest, riot, etc.

Human Resource and Organization Development (HROD)

Corporate Planning_2x.png

Corporate Planning Module

Records the organization's strategic plan linked to overall business.

Career Development_2x.png

Career Development Module

To create a career path for employees
in vertical, horizontal and diagonal style that aligns with organization structure. Module supports talent employees to have sustainable growth and satisfaction in organization.

Human Development_2x.png

Human Development Module

Supports solution of human development system by development need survey. Module provides Annual Development Plan and Individual Development Plan) as well as evaluation before and after development And also calculate Return
On Investmnet (ROI)

Performance Appraisal_2x.png

Performance Appraisal Module

Specify ratio between KPIs and competency. Additionally, one of the important key features is the system can support 90, 180, 360 degrees of evaluation.

Employee Self Service_2x.png

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) allows
employees to query HR related data and easily perform some HR transactions over the system in anytime anywhere.

Management Self Service_2x.png

Management Self Service

Supervisors or administrative management can access data to plan, analyze and decision making anytime anywhere. Module provides Approve Center for approval of work follow-up, leave request, overtime request, budget summary, etc.

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