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Visualization of the tips and tips of highly skilled people is possible!

Video Analytics Software OTRS & Tobii Eye Tracking Camera

Visualization of the tips and tips of highly skilled workers "Precise and accurate process & quality control" is possible! !! by Move

Solve such problems at once! !! (1) Improvement of work quality, (2) Improvement of work efficiency, (3) Evaluation of workability, (4) Reduction of training time, (5) Visualization of skilled skills, and (6) Determination of proficiency level

► OTRS work analysis/business optimization software is software that realizes "shortening", "labor saving", and "cost reduction" of work time at production and manufacturing sites by functions such as motion analysis and time analysis using images. OTRS promotes the visualization of operations by analyzing actual work footage and removes "unevenness", "waste", and "unevenness".

► OTRS can also create work orders. It can be used in various scenes such as materials for education and training and tools for passing on skills.

► OTRS is considered the gold standard for time and behavior analysis software and is trusted by leading companies in Japan industries. Today, it serves more than 6,000 customers worldwide, including 87% of Japan car manufacturers.

【Motion analysis and standardization】

► This is a work analysis screen using videos. By visualizing the operation rate and variation, we support the observation of the current situation at the work site.

【Operation comparison playback】

► By comparing the analysis results, it is possible to visualize "where" and "how much" differences occur between workers, and support education and technology transfer.

【Stacked table/standard work combination】

► This function examines work organization based on analysis results. By reviewing the work for each process, we support the distribution of workload and optimization of production lines.

In addition, by using an eye tracking camera that shows where the worker is looking, it is possible to more effectively "shorten the training period and reduce the defect rate by passing on skills".

Inquiries: MOVE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Tel: 0-2381-5771~3, 092-735-3283 (Akiyama) (Akiyama) Email: (Thai Sales: Aumm 095-497-6539, Big 080-036-6459)

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