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Developed independently by our company in response to on-site needs!
Warehouse Management System "Warehouse Management System"

It is possible to realize all management operations performed in the warehouse, such as location management, inventory fluctuations due to loading and unloading, and creation of delivery slips. The introduction of WMS not only standardizes and streamlines operations, but also promotes cost reductions, leading to further strengthening of inventory management.

Main features of WMS

Part 1: Planned Goods Receipt for Ordered Products

---> It is possible to manage the receipt of products ordered from the factory according to the planned arrival.

---> Acceptance of delivery can be handled in bulk or in installments.

Part 2: Inventory management

---> After the acceptance inspection, it is possible to store the product at the desired location.

---> It is possible to manage shipments associated with picking lists or shipments associated with business plans.

---> It is possible to manage products such as FIFO (first in, first out), LIFO (last in, first out), and FEFO (expired first out).

Part 3: Location management

---> Warehouse locations are managed at three levels: warehouse level, zone level, and shelf level. It is possible to manage including handling in the warehouse outside the factory.

Part 4: Inventory management

---> It is possible to judge the management situation from the warehouse operation at the beginning and end of the term.

---> Troublesome inventory is streamlined by linking with handy terminals, and mistakes are prevented.

Part 5: Label compatible types

---> A wide variety of compatible types such as barcode, QR code, RIFD, and text code (OCR).

Part 6: Data linkage

---> Data linkage with existing production control systems and accounting systems is possible. Flexible support for import data and export data.

Part 7: Handy terminal

--->Using handy terminals, easy and speedy with barcodes, and eliminating mistakes. By installing a wireless access point in the warehouse, it is possible to update the product receipt information in real time.

Part 8: Multilingual support

---> Supports Japanese, English and Thai languages.

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