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Plasmatreat is shown in Surface &Coating 2022


Move (Thailand) Co., Ltd showcases Plasmatreat technology from Germany at Manufacturing Expo 2022 (Surface&Coating)

Move (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has the exhibition “Manufacturing Expo 2022” on 22-25 June 2022 at BITEC Bangna Hall 102, Booth 2C16 with in show “Surface & Coatings 2022”

Plasmatreat has attracted a lot of visitors, especially electronic manufacturing.

Openair-Plasma® process

Openair-Plasma® is used to modify surface characteristics so as to enhance the adhesion of materials (such as coatings) to the substrate (PCB). It removes all organic and silicone-based impurities. Oxygen in the form of hydroxyl and ketone groups is incorporated into non-polar surfaces to bring about surface activation. The result is high surface energy (over 72 mN/m) and in most cases, complete wettability.

The solution – Openair-Plasma®

Pretreatment with Openair-Plasma® will help to eliminate these challenges and ensures a high quality and reliable end product. Increased surface energy allows the coating material to flow more evenly and prevents the formation of bubbles. Improved adhesion of the coating combined with plasma fine-cleaning safely prevents delamination or dewetting

PCB Manufacturing

The circuit board production process is complex and involves several chemical cleaning stages. Most chemical processes can be replaced with the Openair-Plasma® process. Proven applications for plasma technology include pretreatment before laminating and applying a photoresist coating

PCB assembly

Cleaning circuit boards before screen printing can avoid errors in downstream assembly processes. A pretreatment step with plasma technology enables less resin to be used in the flux, which results in a cleaner process.

PCB protection

Openair-Plasma® prevents delamination, malfunction during thermal shock testing, bubbles, flow problems, dewetting, orange peel and uneven coatings. The process provides a high-quality bond between the surface and the conformal coating material. The connection achieved by plasma pre-treatment protects electronics even in harsh environments.

Plasmatreat is the key enabler technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation for bonding and coating of all kinds of materials, “Plasmatreat”, innovation from Germany. And Move (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the only authorized distributor from Singapore.

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