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Manufacturing Expo 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2022


Apr 29, 2022

ASEAN's Leadign Mahinery and Technologu Event for Manufacturing and Supporting Industries

Moving against challenges, the manufacturing and supporting industries need more power to thrive. “Manufacturing Expo 2022” is bringing back all the powers industrialists need in forms of latest manufacturing machinery and solutions from over 2,000 brands from 30 countries. Under the theme of “Power Up” and consisting of five international specializing events serving auto-parts making, plastics manufacturing, mold and die making, industrial automation, and surface treatment for industrial parts, “Manufacturing Expo 2022” will be the most comprehensive industry event in ASEAN where over 85,000 participants will network, discover, and be empowered by new knowledge in seminars, networking functions, and more. Come find your new power!

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